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Compliance Services

Compliance Services for Health and Life insurance brokerages


We work with firms to identify and manage regulatory risk. From our experience we can identify risks and advise you on them and design and implement controls to mitigate them.

We can monitor and report on the effectiveness of your systems and controls.

We can provide you with a compliance solution when difficulties occur.

We support businesses to help them understand their obligations to comply with the relevant laws and regulation.

Compliance Health Check

  • We can help you to identify gaps in your compliance arrangements concerning processes, procedures and documentation and make recommendations on how to address them. We provide you with a comprehensive report which utilises Red, Amber and Green ratings so you can focus on areas of weakness and those which require improvement.
  • We review the nature, complexity, and diversity of your business operations
  • We review your systems and controls and compliance procedures
  • We review your policies and customer facing documentation
  • We review your Corporate Governance against your regulatory responsibilities
  • We Review your Retail Mediation Activities for misreporting errors
  • Do your Senior Managers understand their responsibilities?
  • Have you trained your employees on Conduct rules?
  • Can you demonstrate the competency of your staff?
  • Do you hold sufficient capital resources to meet your regulatory requirements?
  • Can you demonstrate that you Treat Customers Fairly?

FCA Compliance Audit

  • A mandatory and comprehensive audit (“Health Check”) so we can tailor your program.
  • We will conduct a thorough review of your current compliance arrangements and processes.
  • If there are weaknesses, we will find them! A comprehensive report will be provided using a traffic light programme to illustrate areas that may need remedial attention. Actions required to guarantee “GREEN STATUS” will be provided

Dedicated compliance account manager

Dedicated compliance account manager & Robust Service Level Agreement

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